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Month: May 2021

The cycle of life

This week our regulars at the Quarries were given the lesson of the cycle of life when we found a dead buzzard which had become entangled in the brambles. We were able to talk about how everything returns to the Earth and how we all are part of the same cycle in a gentle way. After that we buried the bird – we gave it a star burial – where it lay beneath the skies.

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May be an image of outdoors
May be an image of outdoors

We used some of its feathers to decorate our walking sticks. Only a few feathers were taken, as you can see from the photograph.

One Form to Rule Them All

Because we now have art classes, weekly sessions, a summer scheme and birthday parties, we have a single booking form for you to register your interest. Fill it in and Jonathan will get back to you… or you CAN email Or call 07410411840.

Here are all our ad just to remind you what we have!

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What do you do?

Here are some FAQs

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Beautiful May

Here are some pictures from the past week – we have only been back for a week! Many friends have returned and a few more are about to join. Here are some photos from the Quarries in Bangor (Tuesdays and Saturdays) as well as Hillsbrough Forest Park (Wednesday).

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Collecting tinder – the children learn that fire lives in the seeds
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We light the fire using a dragon sneeze – the children learn what a precious element it is and how difficult it is to make one
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It only takes a spark, but the hard work of sparking! That’s a different story.
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Making spiles for tree tapping – in the future!
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Tree tapping equipment
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Playing amongst the bluebells in Hillsbrough – these are what memories are made of
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Magic is a biiiig part of what we do
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Playing on a swing in the forest!

Summer Scheme!!!

We cannot describe how excited we are!!! Our very first summer scheme which builds on the nearly 60 sessions we have done since we have started this year… and that’s not counting the scores of sessions we have had since we started doing Forest School lessons since 2013!

Our booking form will be made available soon or by email, so to book a provisional place which will be confirmed by next week please either email or call 07410411840 that’s Jonathan’s phone number.

With the Glencraig site we will have access to a beautiful naturally managed forest, historic walks and a blue flag beach – Helen’s Bay! There is outdoor cooking, crafts and storytelling. We will have wildlife and nature ID, and of course a deep and meaningful connection to nature.

Looking forward to a blissful summer!

Seeing the Trees…

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Would you like to learn how to draw this oak? Gabriel will take you through it step by step

Drawing trees with Gabriel Knight

Saturday – June 12, 19, 26 and July 3

10 am – 11.30 pm

Cost: $20 per session, material included

Elements is very excited to announce the first ever art course run with Gabriel Knight at The Quarries in Bangor. Learn how to draw beautiful, realistic and gorgeous trees with experienced teacher Gabriel Knight.

Gabriel has taught art now for more than 30 years to children as well as adults. Her personal lessons are filled with warmth and carefully planned to ensure that participants come away with something to be satisfied with! Whether you are just beginning or have done this for a while, it is the right class for you.

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Gabriel has 30 years of teaching experience

For these lessons, trees from the locale will be drawn. These include birches, pines and fruit trees. Gabriel has also created drawings exclusively for these sessions with the complete beginner in mind. With these lessons there is a real sense of achievement. Working in charcoal (which you will make yourself from local willow!) and pastels, a very forgiving and easy medium, Gabriel will guide you through the process step by step.

The lessons are limited to 8 participants per session. Set in the beautiful rustic charm of the Quarries Farm, you will spend an hour and a half not only learning how to draw, but experiencing the peace and tranquility of this unique site.

The beautiful round house which gives the location one of its many many charms

By the end of the four sessions you will have four beautiful drawings which you can frame and keep or gift! You will also be able to say they were drawn using charcoal you made yourself!

Each session is £20 and is open to anyone over the age of 12 and over. All materials will be provided.

Make your own charcoal from local willow

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