Herding Cats: Here, There Be Dragons
Magic and science are two sides of the same coin

In elements we aim to ensure that children not only have a wonderful time in nature but that they learn something about it as well. By doing practical activity, we cover several learning objectives. This is the beauty of practical education – it is economical, and the observer/participant gets to directly experience the learning.

Here are a few core ideas we organise around.

  • It is always seasonal and based on the land around us. This is to bring a sense of rhythm and wonder to the sessions – and a deep appreciation of the miracle of our planet. We also attempt to make the experience as genuine as possible. For instance, we will use real binoculars, real knives, real experiments which are meaningful and have a true outcome.
  • It is environmentally friendly. We will always try to ensure that we draw from the resources around us. Repurposing items which we have, making sure that we bring as few items which do not biodegrade e.g glitter.
  • There will always be a balance between art and science. Our activities will seamlessly weave between history, literature, art, science and technology. e.g. making oak gall which the monks did for their medieval manuscripts
  • Story telling not story reading is a must. As trained storytellers we ensure that there is a time, a moment for the children to stop, reflect and listen to stories which are told, keeping the oral traditions alive.
  • We give back. We always try to incorporate something the children can do for the land e.g. clearing ivy, counting frogs, etc
  • Playing is hard work. Taking calculated risks are necessary. Reading the sessions, if the children need to explore and play, we will work that in as well. We also ensure that the children get a chance to experience a thrilling sense of the outdoors. All within the bounds of safety, of course.

Our commitment to the environment is also seen even in the servers we have used which are run off renewable energy. Everything makes a difference, no matter how small and working we children we know this is 100% true.

If you think you may be interested in what we have to offer whether it is a series of sessions, homeschooling outings or birthday parties do get in touch with us.

Email hello@elementsschool.net or call 07540075991