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Month: April 2024

Our new banner has arrived!!!

We are beyond excited… we now have our own fleeces and a banner… elements is now 4 years-ish old… we started in September 2020 – in the middle of Covid… and kept going.

See what forest school can do for you… the best part about elements is that it comes to YOU!!!

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Easter Scheme 2024!

Yes, we had weather – for a bit, but then the sun came out and we reveled in the gorgeousness of Crawfordsburn Country Park. I think we can safely say there is no other place like it… waterfalls, rapids, river to play in, magnificent train bridge, blue flag beach, meadows and of course FOREST and to cap it all off a geologically inspired playground! We had such a blast! Here are some of the pictures… but not all cos we were super busy the entire time!

Day 1

We walked to the waterfall… and enjoyed looking at the wooden sculptures along the way. There was a burning question… what are turkey tails… well, now everyone who came on Monday knows…!

Walking to the waterfall… it was a bit drizzly, but many of our children are used to the weather and no one mentioned it… furthermore they were all so engrossed in conversation they forgot about the wet.

On the way back

It is impossible to overstate the beauty of this railway line built in that 19th century that spans the burn. One of the questions was, what runs over this bridge? Many said people. I said, yes people, but what are the people in? Cars? Walking? Then someone said, Trains! And a few seconds later a train went over the bridge, right on cue.

Splashing about in water… there is a reason why elements was called elements… and it is so nice that many people are returning to that way of looking at the world…
Splitting wood for the fire… everyone had a go at the hatchet.

Huge thumbs up for the bannock newbies!

Day 2

Today was sand castle day…
We started out with games by the beach…
Then we made a sandcastle village…
This one was a clifftop village…
Rock pooling…
We then made pizza on a pan. Here we are lighting the fire.
Easter egg hunt rounded off the afternoon

Day 3

Flying kites we made…
The Gang!
Dyeing Easter Eggs!

And that was us! Easter 2024 was over, just like that! I heard that children slept soundly that night!

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