Walking in a stream during our Summer Scheme at Helen’s Bay

Written last year, this is now more true than ever.

A quiet revolution is taking place in education. It is now widely acknowledged that academic achievement is only part of the picture. In order to grow and thrive, children need something more. They need to have faith in their place in the world, to know that they can change it, built it, create within in, and renew it.

And the world is going to need these creative: craftsmen, designers, out-of-the-box thinkers, invetors who are able to self-actualise and develop strong emotional and mental connections with those around them.

But it is not going to be easy in an increasingly divided world, where automation and digitisation can lead to obsolescence, alienation and hopelessness.

Giving children the ability to reconnect with the world in an environment which is informed by our rich culture, art and science is part of the mission of the Elements Forest and Garden School. The other part: to help create great memories by having fun – lots and lots of fun.

Cheerfulness and companionship by the fire

Find out how we connect children to the outdoors through a series of age appropriate, fun and meaningful activities by clicking on the links below.

  • Forest School: We run Forest Schools for schools, classes and after school clubs. Each session reflects the changing seasons and is full of exciting and fascinating activities.
  • Garden School: Gardening is an activity which children find interesting and deeply rewarding. We bring the excitement and patience of gardening to schools as well as other organisations.
  • Craft Sessions: For older children and adults we have a rewarding series of Craft Sessions which you can take part in. Held in the outdoors – mostly – it continues the theme of Forest School
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