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Easter Scheme 2024!

Yes, we had weather – for a bit, but then the sun came out and we reveled in the gorgeousness of Crawfordsburn Country Park. I think we can safely say there is no other place like it… waterfalls, rapids, river to play in, magnificent train bridge, blue flag beach, meadows and of course FOREST and to cap it all off a geologically inspired playground! We had such a blast! Here are some of the pictures… but not all cos we were super busy the entire time!

Day 1

We walked to the waterfall… and enjoyed looking at the wooden sculptures along the way. There was a burning question… what are turkey tails… well, now everyone who came on Monday knows…!

Walking to the waterfall… it was a bit drizzly, but many of our children are used to the weather and no one mentioned it… furthermore they were all so engrossed in conversation they forgot about the wet.

On the way back

It is impossible to overstate the beauty of this railway line built in that 19th century that spans the burn. One of the questions was, what runs over this bridge? Many said people. I said, yes people, but what are the people in? Cars? Walking? Then someone said, Trains! And a few seconds later a train went over the bridge, right on cue.

Splashing about in water… there is a reason why elements was called elements… and it is so nice that many people are returning to that way of looking at the world…
Splitting wood for the fire… everyone had a go at the hatchet.

Huge thumbs up for the bannock newbies!

Day 2

Today was sand castle day…
We started out with games by the beach…
Then we made a sandcastle village…
This one was a clifftop village…
Rock pooling…
We then made pizza on a pan. Here we are lighting the fire.
Easter egg hunt rounded off the afternoon

Day 3

Flying kites we made…
The Gang!
Dyeing Easter Eggs!

And that was us! Easter 2024 was over, just like that! I heard that children slept soundly that night!

What’s next?

Well, quite a lot actually…

The Goddess Journey

Starting in February, at Imbolc, we will be starting a series of workshops honouring the feminine and everyone is invited, regardless of gender.

We will be taking a voyage with Brigid (Imbolc), Macha (Bealtaine) and the Cailleach (Samhain) through the course of the year. Along with the goddesses, we will be working with trees as well as the land. The venue is being confirmed now, but it is quite close to being confirmed! So we are most excited about this.

Cailleach by Siuban Regan

After Schools

We will continue our After Schools club in Holywood Steiner School. But if you are interested in having one for yours, please contact us and let us know.

Easter Scheme

Processing potatoes…

The dates for the Easter scheme are the 4, 5 and 6 of April.

Summer Scheme

The dates for the summer scheme will be confirmed soon.

Fostering Network

We will continue to work with the Fostering Network. We are planning a session over the February half term already for somewhere in Belfast!

If you are interested in any of these activities or getting in touch with us email or call us/ WhatsApp 07540075991. You can also drop in on our Facebook page at

Working with the Fostering Network

We were very lucky to work once again with the Fostering Network, this time in Antrim. We operated out of the Compass Network farm in Ballymoney and went through four native trees here.

The activities centred around the birch, alder, ash and oak. The sessions which lasted four weeks included storytelling, knife skills, den building and working with trees.

We worked with ten children regularly, ages between 7 and 12 years, with varying abilities. Some of the feedback was…

We learnt…

❀️‍πŸ”₯How to survive

🌿Everything about trees

⛺️How to make things

😍How to stay alive

πŸͺ΅Doing whittling and deciding to do woodwork for GCSE said an 8 y.o… 😘 the rain stayed off. Thanks to CAN for the use of their barn and baby forest. Can’t wait to go back and see it in 20 years time. 🌈

Learning how to make a fire
Making smores on the last day
Learning about the oak

We hope to work with them again in the future!

What have we been up to?

I must apologise for not updating the site since June! Unforgiveable!

In my defence, it has been extremely busy the past few months though.

Here is a run down on what we have been up to:

After School Sessions at the Holywood Steiner School

We have had full session of up to 18 children here on Monday afternoons between 3 to 5 pm. The children who attend these sessions are now so well seasoned, that they engage in deep play. We set out our activities and the children then self direct play. There could be some who play int he hammock.

Others choose to hone their knife skills.

Yet others play in the woods, creating worlds which are limited only by the imagination. Others build dens. It is the sort of thing which you really want to do after school, with friends…

Here two students have made a bug house on their own…

After that, most importantly, we all have a good feed…

Bon apetit!

And that’s just one thing which we did!

Wonderful summer

We have had a return to Forest School After School at the Holywood Steiner School where we focused on foraging and rope… we made a rope ladder, had fun in hammocks, foraged the abundant greens and cooked pasta and rice over the fire… and of course had several games of hunt!

Water, water everywhere

We were enjoying the amazing spring weather. It has been a wonderful start to it! Frog spawn, pond dipping and finding out the many uses of the world plants around us.

Making tinder from cattails. They are also beloved of goldfinch!

Pond dipping away!!!!

If you’d like to attend the sessions are the Quarries which are very Tuesday, fill in this form!

The skewers and the skewered

It was a perfect day to do a BBQ – it always is in Monday Forest School. But today we harvested invasive bamboo and made skewers from them by whittling. Then we roasted our own sausages and marshmallows. That was followed by 3 games of Hunt. And everyone had an awesome time!

Least you wonder, there were quiet times as well! πŸ™‚

Easter Scheme

We were given the go ahead by Glencraig to hold it again in their beautiful forest. So we are! Book here by filling in this form.

Places are filling up fast!!! πŸ™‚

A busy half-term

We had a busy half term… so busy that I didn’t get to take photos of all our activities. We had a great session at the Quarries where there were 16 children. A walk through the native forest, some tree ID, a game of camouflage, making fires and bows and arrows.

Killinchy After School Club

We did a really fun exciting time with the Killinchy After School club with 24 children! We had fire and cooking, bows and arrows and shelter making. We hope to be back.

Memories to be remembered forever!

We greet the spring!

I know that spring does not begin until March apparently, but as far as I’m concerned it starts on 1 Feb – the quarter day marked in Ireland by Brigid’s.

There was a real sense that the children who came back just wanted to be with the forest and the forest wanted to be with them, so we decided to keep the sessions loose.

Here are some pictures from the two session this week – which is not to say they did not have a ball!

There are no more spaces in the Steiner School but there are spaces in the Quarries which is a magical place! Especially in that sunset. Call/WhatsApp/Text 07540075991 OR email OR fill in this form to register.

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