We have the most amazing party space. Two forests, a roundhouse, two open sided party spaces (one with a woodburning stove), toilet and loads of parking. We do the games and the activities, you provide the cake and the food. After it is over you just go home. It is really that simple.

Party games have included a cool scavenger hunt, beating the giant web, making bows and arrows from sticks which are lying around and some string. But we adapt to parties and children. We make a fire, go for a walk and visit frogs. Stories are told – from Greek myths to fairytales.

While we do this you have time to get the room ready and chill.

Party games/ activities last for an hour and a half and food etc is another half hour.

It could not be easier.

Go to this page to make a booking. Charges are £16 per child for the first ten children thereafter £12.50 for each child up to 15 children. Includes use of all facilities.

Hope to see you there!

Email hello@elementsschool.net for more details.