The Benefits of Gardening

There are many benefits to gardening. Children learn the value of hard work, patience, discipline and the joys of the harvest. They also love being able to look after and eat! the food they have grown. Our team has experience creating a garden based on the school year, using wildlife-friendly practises, raising plants from seed to harvest and working at any time of the year (in and outdoors).

What can we do?

The programme includes planning their own gardens, raising seedlings, planting out, maintaining a plot and putting it to bed. They will learn all the skills it takes to maintain a garden and how to use all the different tools.

This will require some investment from the school but we are willing to work with the school and PTA to develop funding applications.

If you think this might be beneficial for your school, organisation or club, please contact us at

OR you can book a session for your child here.

A beautiful wildlife garden filled with edible flowers which attract pollinators