To boost our numbers at the Quarries, we have decided that if two people come along for a session in February, it will be at half price – that’s £15 for two children – that is pretty cool!

In Elements, we believe in a complete respect for life. This also includes the life of animals which sustain us. Part of this respect is learning to appreciate how we prepare food – fish does not come frozen and battered.

Matthew brought a fish he caught and the children were able to have a look at the fish and watch it being prepared.

After that we cooked the fish and enjoyed the fresh subtle taste!

This was done as part of our past Forest School session at the Quarries. It was certainly a November evening not to be forgotten!

To find out more about our sessions here, contact us on or text/WhatsApp/phone us on 07540075991. You can also fill in this form to join our Quarries Sessions. They are every Tuesday from 3.30 – 5.30 pm.

The half price does not apply to the half term session on 15 Feb. Many thanks