Book it here. If you need to find out more, you may email What Halloween means to Elements…

Halloween is the Celtic New Year – during Halloween it was believed that the veils between the worlds thinned and the fairy folk, spirits past, and ancestors could return for that one night. It was when all space and time collapsed into that one day and to make it easier for the unseens to be seen and the living dressed up so that everyone could mingle freely.

At the Quarries the sense of the other world is never far. With its Hobbit house and Shrek toilet and the winsome woods which twine around the 200 year old farmhouse it is a living breathing relic which has reinvented itself to be relevant today.

In other words, it is the perfect place to stage a Halloween. And it is a Halloween which we would like to reclaim from the gore and mayhem which it has become as the descent towards the most pointlessly frightening. If you are looking for ‘brains’ and frankenstiens and gore, we have to say that will not be taking place here.

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Instead, come along to celebrate this most blessed of nights with us in a socially distanced, outdoor environment as we observe the contemporary rules of the Covid unseen.

There will be a trail which takes you through time through stories – starting with the Druids of old and the protection they used against the mischievous Good Folk. Then you will hear tales of tragedy and wonderful weirdness as you walk along the candlelit path. Strange shenanigans and inexplicable occurrences. It culminates in a shadow play and ends at an open fire where you can, if you want to, make spiced apples.

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Here are the deets:

We are running sessions from 27 – 31 October at the Quarries. See form for details and slot.

Groups will move in bubbles of up to 6. There must be at least one adult adult accompanying 3 children.

The session lasts for approximate 45 minutes to an hour.

Fill in the form, complete with the choices of dates and times and we will email you with what is free. Payment will then be taken at that point.

If you do not pay then we are unable to confirm the slot and it can be given to someone else.

It is outdoors and low lighting so please dress for the weather and make sure that you bring sturdy shoes. It is pram friendly.

It is £40 per bubble and you can book it here. If you need to find out more, you can email

Hope to see you there. If you are interested in our weekly sessions you can go here to book them. Same email to find out more.

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