Our Third Session!

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This time we learned how to forage and make teas… and the vitamins found in our hedgerows

Our sessions are always filled with activities pertaining to the time of the year. This time we looked at the riches of the hedgerows and collected and made fruits and leaves to make hedgerow tea. These fruits are filled with Vit C and other minerals and trace elements. Collecting them at this time of the year to dry would have been something added to the medicine cabinet back at the house. It would have been beneficial for the long winter months to ensure that we were able to remedy a cough or cold.

Gathering hawthorns
Why soil is important

One of the elements is in fact, Earth and today we studied the magic of soil. A substance to which we owe our entire existence. Barely a few metres on the surface of the planet, it is a marriage of minerals and plants. It is what we depend on – the forests, our food, the animals – everything depends on the soil and today we looked at how we could look after it.

Checking the composition and PH of soil
What are the contents – what lives in soil?
Fungi, the secret network
Watching the soil settle out
Big thank you to Claire our lovely volunteer who helped out with the session.