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Roses and blackcurrants

As the summer head well into July there are many things which we can do to capture a little bit of it.

Rose Petal Tea

Roses can be made into many things, but rose tea is one of the most pleasant and pampering things you can do for yourself.

And it is easy to make:

You will need Roses and nothing else.

Allow the rose petals to fall from your rose, or you can harvest as it. However I find that if you can get the pleasure from a rose in your kitchen perfuming the air, why not right?

Put the petals into a colander and let them dry slowly. Drying them slowly is vital. Keep them away from the sun but in a bright airy place. The sun will dry out the natural oils. When the petals are ready you can place them in an old tea caddy or in a Kilner jar. They are so pretty!

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Dried rose petals – here seen with peony petals

To make the tea steep it in hot water for ten minutes or so. The tea will be a clear light brown. Peony flowers here also add to the colour. Roses are safe to eat although they taste bitter. However bitter tasting flower and herbs are good for the liver and digestive system. Have it first thing in the morning and/or last thing at night.

This it eh same way you’d make any other tea – you can use mint, nettles, verbana, even strawberry leaves. The only thing you must remember is to harvest them from a safe place.

Blackcurrant jam

Fruit jams are also easy to make. Enjoy them instantly or in months time.

Boil fruit with sugar and some water. Adjust accordingly.

Often citric acid is added as a perservative. But don’t worry it is just a fancy name for Vit C.

Blackcurrant jam is wonderful with anything – muffins, pancakes, curds and whey or even yoghurt.